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Repairs for Homes

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About Us

Mr. Dennis first began his career as a graduate engineer with IBM. While still at IBM, he founded JLD Investments, Inc and began buying multifamily properties. He later founded JLD Properties, Inc as the management company to manage his properties as well as those of various owners across the country.

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A few years ago, he turned from ownership, brokering and management to a related career in apartment consulting. He offers owners a fresh and independent "look" into their property's operations and makes detailed recommendations that can save them money. His extensive background and wealth of experience qualifies him to work with both multifamily owners and property managers alike. His recommendations, which has earned him the respect from a multitude of clients, included common sense solutions as well as novel ideas that help owners increase their cash flow, which in turn enhances the value of their investments.

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In addition to consulting, Mr. Dennis has also turned his attention to creating a brand new one-of-a-kind newsletter for all apartment owners and managing companies who own and/or operate properties in the Central Texas area. This newsletter, JLDAPARTMENTNEWSLETTER, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of JLD Apartment Consulting.

Mr. Dennis updates this newsletter each month with fresh content and tips for owners and managers alike. Many local vendors, contractors and other service providers see this as an excellent vehicle in which to advertise their services.

The JLDAPARTMENTNEWSLETTER is one of the most highly circulated publications for Central Texas Apartments and is widely read each month by owners in nearly every state in the country.

JLD extends a sincere invitation to you to subscribe to this helpful newsletter. Subscription is free!

JLD will review all ad entries. The JLD Apartment Newsletter staff reserves the absolute right and the sole discretion to reject or remove any ad, without notice, for any violation of the guidelines below or for any other reason considered by the JLD Staff to be inappropriate for this newsletter.

All ads must be prepaid.

Circumstances in which your ad may not be included in the following month’s newsletter:

  1. When your advertiser fee arrives too late.
  2. When you make a late change in your ad. (See changes to ads below)
  3. When the JLD Administrator detects a violation of the Guidelines of Conduct below.

Refund of Advertiser Fee: No refund in any amount shall be made after the Ad is published in the Newsletter and distributed.

Conditional Refund: If an advertiser prepays for an ad for an upcoming month but then decides to cancel that ad prior to the date of its distribution, JLD will refund the full Advertiser’s fee less a $20 administrative fee for the handling and mailing of the refund check.

Changes to ads: You may edit your ad while you are in the process of posting it. However, once you click the link “Create Ad”, and discover an error or anything you want to change, you must click “Contact Us” and explain exactly what changes you wish to make. We will do our best to accommodate your change. Caution: when you request a change to your ad within five(5) days before the newsletter is scheduled to be distributed for that month, your request for change shall be deemed too late to be included in that month’s newsletter.

Change Fees: There is no charge for one change to your ad within a thirty day period. However, the Administrator may decide to charge a change fee if you make more than one change per month for any one ad.

How your ad works: The JLDApartmentNewsletter is both an active website as well as a monthly newsletter. That is, all ads which are active and in good standing at the time of its monthly publication/distribution will be included in that monthly publication. If an advertiser posts and prepays for an ad after the date of publication/distribution, it will be immediately activated on the website but must wait to be included in the following month’s newsletter publication.

Liabilities: JLD assumes no liability for any content submitted by any source. JLD is not responsible for any errors and omission in regard to ads submitted to it. The author or source assumes all responsibility for the content submitted to JLD and agrees to hold JLD harmless in the event of any ligation against JLD arising from any cause or venue.

The author of each ad placed with the JLD Apartment Newsletter must strictly follow these Guidelines of Conduct:

  1. Be truthful in all content that you submit in your ad.
  2. Be an established business or provider of services in this local area for at least one year unless JLD grants that provider a waiver.
  3. Have a good reputation and quality provider of the services that you are advertising.
  4. Make sure your ad does not discriminate against any entity or person or group that is in violation by federal law.
  5. Never mention any of your competitors by name, directly or indirectly, or in any way be critical of your peers.
  6. Be reminded of the “Fair Use” interpretation of copyright laws when you enter an ad. If you borrow anyone’s written material, it is always best to get their permission in advance of using it.
  7. Never use any inappropriate language or comments that have the possibility of offending the public at large.
Privacy Policy

The JLD Apartment Newsletter (JLDAN) is a monthly informational newsletter for apartment owners and property management companies who have investments or business interests in the Central Texas Region. JLDAN is owned and operated by JLD Apartment Consulting, LLC, based in Austin, Travis County, Texas.

Contact by mail:

JLD Apartment Newsletter
PO Box 202678
Austin, Texas 78720-2678

Our Privacy Policy, simply stated, is that we will not intentionally sell or distribute any personal information that we receive from our advertising customers or our subscribers including any bank or credit card information, driver’s license, residence addresses, social security data or any other sensitive information that may cause harm or inconvenience to them. We will gather only such information about you that is necessary for us to provide you the services that you request of us.

At the same time, all users of this website and newsletter recognize that this publication, by its very nature, is exposed to the public at large and therefore subject to any adverse event such as theft, hacking, e-mail addresses, passwords, computer viruses and any form of malware. For these reasons, users agree that JLD Apartment Newsletter, JLD Apartment Consulting, LLC, and its affiliates and personnel shall take no personal liability for events and actions beyond our control.

JLD advises all advertising customers to use discretion and reasonable security when providing us sensitive information and the safe transmission of such information. All customers, advertisers, vendors and other individuals or organizations that read or otherwise use any of the services offered on this website shall do so at their risk and agree to hold JLD and its affiliates harmless in the event of any adverse event.

Copyright: The JLD Apartment Newsletter is protected by the copyright laws of the United States of America. No reproduction in any form is permitted without the expressed written permission of the author, JLD Apartment Newsletter LLC or its parent company, JLD Apartment Consulting, LLC.

Texas Purchase, Broker, Property Management History
Properties purchased, brokered and/or were managed by JLD Properties, Inc.
Here is a list of places our JLD management team has either purchased, brokered or managed in Texas.

Going Green

In order to save paper as we support our conservation efforts, we are proud to announce that we have completed the process to qualify as a “Paperless” website.

We will be using our website and e-mail exclusively to conduct business as much as possible and we very much encourage you to do the same. The advantages are it being non-invasive, precise and ideal for record keeping.

However, our customers come first. If you prefer a paper record for one or more activities, please e-mail us and we will accommodate your requests.

Thank you for your understanding and visiting our website.

The Repairs for Homes Staff.

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